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Amber shines the brightest in Pomorskie

Amber shines the brightest in Pomorskie

Amber is associated with quality and beauty. Its uniqueness makes it a luxury commodity, which inspires artists all around the world to create new forms and combinations. Amber plays a vital role on catwalks and in fancy galleries that lure new people with the stone’s golden glow.

In Pomorskie, these brown-golden lumps shine the brightest. Just take a walk down one of the most picturesque “amber” streets in Gdańsk, Mariacka Street, to immerse yourself in its design. This is a place to go to see numerous workshops that create amber pieces of art. Amber jewellery can be astonishing when it comes to its size, but also various combinations. This handicraft is meticulously prepared, designed by passionate craftsmen, and manufactured with surgical precision.

Jewellers from Pomorskie create trends in amber design by being in the top of European designers. A great example of this are the world-acclaimed works of Mariusz Gliwiński from Galeria Ambermoda in Sopot. This is a unique place on the amber map of Pomorskie region. On the one hand, it is a modern art gallery with one-of-their-kind amber handicraft items, on the other – a shop, in which clients can purchase any item that caught their eyes. Clients are drawn to the gallery by the uniqueness of merchandise and the fact that no two items are identical. However, the fun has just begun, as Ambermoda is also an amber manufacture. All items on sale are produced on the spot by highly-qualified craftsmen, under the watchful eye of Mariusz Gliwiński, author and designer of all works. Galeria Ambermoda is worth visiting for the sole purpose of “spending time” with amber. The artist’s narration about the stone makes it the most fascinating of the world’s treasures. Truly, real beauty can be defined through the works of art in the Sopot-based gallery.

Amber is the main theme of the Amber Museum. Located in the historical interiors of of the foregate of Długa Street, at the beginning of the so-called “King’s Road”, the museum presents the most valuable amber artefacts. Climbing the highest floor of the Tower will allow us to enjoy works of outstanding artists, who chose amber as their passion. Do not leave the Museum without paying a visit to Amber Manufature, where the best amber designs are on display.


Text: Izabela Stubińska

Photos: Łukasz Stafiej (

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