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Biały Królik Restaurant. Every gourmet’s fairy tale come true

Biały Królik Restaurant. Every gourmet’s fairy tale come true

A traditional version of Pomeranian cuisine that no prestigious European restaurant would be ashamed of. This is, in short, how we could describe how guests of are treated to in Biały Królik restaurant in Quadrille Conference&Spa Hotel in Gdynia. The owners’ imagination, combined with the head chef’s remarkable vision make a visit in Biały Królik a genuine culinary adventure.

- We deal with products that are deeply rooted in Polish culture, and we combine them in a original, modern way - says Marcin Popielarz, the head chef of Biały Królik restaurant.

To prove his words, he serves smoked Kashubian eel with marinated oysters, horseradish panna cotta, cucumber jelly, and herbal mayonnaise.

It is one of the five cold cuts in the restaurants’ tasting menu, which consists of four, six, or eight dishes. You can choose from cold cuts, hot meals, and - naturally - desserts.

The simple, yet delicious hibiscus borscht on smoked veal bones is one of the fine examples of how the kitchen staff of Biały Królik restaurant likes to anatomize Pomeranian products and traditional Polish cuisine.

For dessert, the chef’s suggestion is chips and artichoke ice-cream, with salty caramel, fermented elderberry with pecan nuts edible soil.

- I usually serve dishes that are composed of products that are well-known to me. I come from the countryside, from a village in Żuławy, where I had direct access to them. My mother and grandmother were excellent cooks. The latter created a Polish-Lithuanian mix in the kitchen. It had always been creative cooking, as they were preparing our meals from what they had, very often only few products. I adopted this philosophy, by selecting only a few ingredients and create new flavors and textures out of them - says Marcin Popielarz. He adds that we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with Polish cuisine.

I never serve my guests dishes that are untested. The food we prepare undergoes severe testing process, with only dishes that were tested by us ending on a plate. I am very critical towards my own creations, that is why i change them very often. If a dish is excellent, I usually like it for several months, then I have to change it. In the vegetable season, the menu changes every week. It used to be even up to 16 menu items per month that had been changed. In autumn, we try to change the menu every month - says chef Popielarz.

The menu usually comprises six lunch meals, and several dozen meals from the tasting menu. Flavors are always balanced in a way not to sway to much in any of the directions. A tasting supper always ends with a petit four, for example a raspberry jelly, fermented artichoke, or chocolate-coated coriander.

The owners proudly say that they support local food producers. Fish that are served in Biały Królik are from a local farm in Kleszczewo. Cheese comes from regional producers, such as Osada Burego Misia, or Kaszubska Koza. Mushrooms are picked in Tuchola Forest, and vegetables and herbs are supplied by the head chef’s family, straight from Żuławy.

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- Guests that visit us want quality, not quantity. This is why you can be certain that there will be always fresh meat or fish waiting for you. We prepared our fresh sauces and dressings everyday. We give you flavors that you all like: the flavors of your childhood. I don’t want for guests to wonder what they have on their plates, I just want to them to sit at the table and eat a decent meal. A meal that will be delicious. We care about taste and looks, two basic components of a good meal, which are extremely difficult to combine - says Marcin Popielarz.

Quadrille Conference & Spa in Gdynia is a unique place on Pomorskie’s hotel map. The von Krockow Palace, built in the 18th century, has been thoroughly modernized and, after a lengthy renovation process, was transformed into a fairy palace straight out of the famous “Alice in Wonderland”. The same goes for rooms of Biały Królik restaurant: white, mint, and yellow rooms are captivating, charming, and carefully decorated. During summer, you can enjoy fine food on the summer terrace with a view on the picturesque garden that surrounds the palace. Just like in the Lewis Carroll’s tale.


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Folwarczna 2, Gdynia

Phone. + 48 58 351 03 30


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