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Corrèze – a Polish accent of the Mediterranean cuisine

Corrèze – a Polish accent of the Mediterranean cuisine

Friendly, cozy and tasty - that's Corrèze. Although our restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with a French twist, the menu features many regional products from local producers.

If you go for a morning walk around the Museum of the II World War in Gdańsk and you smell fresh bread, it’s probably coming from Corrèze . According to the philosophy "do yourself what you are able to do yourself ", our restaurant staff not only bake crispy baguettes for their guests, but also produce olive oil, home-made jams, liqueurs and sausages. The latter are made in both mild and spicy versions. Here you can taste buttermilk, local honey, fruits or freshly baked brownies.

Corrèze can be visited for many reasons. The restaurant can be used for a business meeting, a romantic dinner for two or a family dinner. This is the effect of the bistronomy trend, which naturally fits in with the philosophy of this place. A guest will not find white tablecloths here, though the seats are soft and comfortable.

A remarkable zero waste kitchen

A part of the philosophy of the restaurant is the zero-waste kitchen. In Corrèze, no product is wasted, not even potato peels, which are turned into powder , or raspberry stalks, which are ideally suited for pickles. The restaurant is known for its aromatic flavored oils (eg. shrimp or sea buckthorn) that are created on site from unused products. Thanks to these , the taste of dishes is so unique and varied.

- ‘My goal is to serve all possible flavours, including umami, extracted from mushrooms, for example. There is a variety of flavours in every dish, with fruits added to meats, or duck flavour added to venison dishes. I am always very open to the comments and suggestions of my guests’ - says the chef.

Regional food in Gdansk

Despite its Mediterranean character, the restaurant primarily focuses on seasonal products from regional suppliers. Thus you can find several pearls of Polish cuisine in Corrèze. Our special recommendation for you includes a combination of dishes which you will surely find very tasty.

For the starter , perhaps a steak tartare of deer’s haunch served with truffles, pickled onions, Jerusalem artichoke chips, home-made French mustard, locally pressed sunflower oil and homemade juniper-flavoured mayonnaise topped with an egg yolk, with all these ingredients to be mixed by yourself! This wonderful dish is served with wild mushrooms, the so called “goose”, picked up from the Tuchola Forest.

As a main course we recommend an extremely juicy tenderloin of wild boar. The secret of the meat lies in our special marinade and a slow cooking at 58 degrees. The dish is served with beetroot gratin salad, French blue cheese, crème fraîche and a mousse of baked potatoes and dried cherries from the Tuchola Forest. The sauce is prepared from baked pears cooked in meat broth. A special element of the dish is a crunchy hulled wheat toast. The whole dish is sprinkled with beetroot powder.

For dessert the Chef offers a slightly unusual but perfect combination of sweet and savoury flavoured goat cheese ice cream. We can only assure you that you will fall in love with this taste. The whole dessert is served with a sea buckthorn jam, sesame seed biscuit, a slightly savoury “sękacz” (a type of handmade cake) and decorated with sweet cherries. This dish is a combination of many flavours with the Kashubian goat cheese playing the main part in the composition. If you wish to find more about the cheese, follow this link to an article on regional cheese producers - Kaszubska Koza.

The restaurant menu changes twice a year, but it is refreshed up to five times. Every week, special inserts are created for the menu.

The interior design was created by local producers.

Supporting local artists and craftsmen is a very important aspect of the business activity of the owners of Corrèze. Almost all the interior design elements were crafted locally. The tables, lighting, and the waitresses’ uniforms – were designed and manufactured locally. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with pictures by a local Gdańsk artist, indeed the same person who designed the tableware.

We care about all the senses of our guests, hence the magic and artistry on the plate. We serve dishes on unique tableware, created especially for us, so the food does not only have a special taste but also looks great. We do not use ordinary white plates, rather our tableware resembles shells in various shapes and colours .

In this restaurant, the zero-waste philosophy applies not only food, but also to tableware. If any plate breaks, as far as possible it is recycled and transformed into another dish. We feel it's a great idea to use our own resources and recycle them!

If you are thinking of eating regional food in Gdansk, our restaurant Corrèze is definitely worth a visit. This is definitely a place worth recommending to anyone who wants to experience something special.


Author: Justyna Michalkiewicz - Waloszek

A professional journalist, PR and flim production expert. Her favourite kind of jobs are interviews, reportages, and video clips. During her spare time, she likes to take photos, write a blog, and devour motivational books. She enjoys discovering new flavours, but values healthy, vegetarian food most. In her life, she only tries to make decisions that are exciting. She enjoys simple things, as well as extraordinary ones. Dog and travel lover.


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Journalist of the culinary column at Tró, culinary photographer. In his free time, he travels a lot and bakes bread.

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