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It’s all in the product. Kitchen philosophy by Grzegorz Labuda

It’s all in the product. Kitchen philosophy by Grzegorz Labuda

He knows how to prepare blood soup, cod cheeks, and he knows the perfect way to serve herrings. For years, he has consequently promoted traditional cuisine of Pomorskie, as well as traditional Polish cuisine, praising them all around the world. In his spare time, he browses through old recipe books for forgotten recipes. He saves them from culinary oblivion, and even the most demanding gourmets are ravished by his creations. Grzegorz Labuda, one of the best chefs in Poland, has for four years been the executive chef at Szafarnia 10 restaurant in Gdańsk.

-The fourth year of my adventure with Szafarnia 10 restaurant begins in May. Last three years have been quite intense for my team and me. We’ve taken full advantage of these past few years. We reached all our goals – says Grzegorz Labuda. – We wanted to create a restaurant with Polish and regional cuisine, but with our own, original interpretation. And we did it! Our ideas for preparing food, and our location near Motława river have made us one of the favourite spots among local and foreign gourmets. For us, this is the highest praise – he adds.

The chef will maintain the current direction. Consequently, Szafarnia 10 restaurant will enchant its guests with traditional cuisine of Poland and Pomorskie region. Launch of the new menu is scheduled for the beginning of May, 2018. Another one in October will follow.

-We are looking for forgotten products. Again, we will look for inspiration in old recipe books from all around Poland. A after a brainstorming session with my assistant, Radosław Gierłatowski, we will certainly prepare interesting compositions of flavours, aromas, and other culinary creations – says Grzegorz Labuda.

The new menu, aside from the chef’s famous cod tartare, includes herring, fish soup with halibut, or veal sweetbreads with mushroom. Grzegorz Labuda explains the entire philosophy behind the menu: - In the new card, we decided to focus on the original flavours of products, their natural qualities. We want to focus on the product itself, its uniqueness. We try to reduce any kind of processing as much as possible. The products has to be pure in form and substance. Almost perfect.

When writing about Szafarnia 10 restaurant, we have to mention the team, which hasn’t undergone major changes in almost two years. In times of constant rotation in restaurant teams, it is a considerable achievement. Says Grzegorz Labuda: - It’s extremely satisfying. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, for their dedication, hard work, passion and dedication, as well as for identifying with the restaurant. Also, for identifying themselves with our restaurant and constantly craving more. This is one of the lessons I have given them – he laughs.


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Restauracja Szafarnia 10

ul. Szafarnia 10, Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 600 85 00, +48 58 733 60 02


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