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Kubicki Restaurant. 100 years of tradition in the XXI century

Kubicki Restaurant. 100 years of tradition in the XXI century

Kubicki Restaurant in Gdańsk is a unique place on the map of the city and in its history. The view on the Philharmonic, the Crane, and Motława river, and the restaurant’s location are astonishing, as well as its cuisine and tradition that dates back a hundred years.

Kubicki restaurant is an elder among the restaurants of Gdańsk. It was established in 1918 by Brunon Kubicki as Cafe International. Back then, it reflected the enthusiastic time of Polish independence. It was a place open not only towards the citizens of the Free City of Danzig, but also towards guests from afar. In a happy atmosphere, to the sounds of a piano, sophisticated cuisine and excellent spirits, guests enjoyed themselves until the break of dawn.

Feeling obliged by its history, new owners, Beata and Grzegorz Zalescy, decided to restore this place to its former glory.

- Our restaurant is a unique place that you want to come back to - says Beata Zaleska. - Our cuisine, and the atmosphere of the restaurant are valued among our guests. From the very entrance, our waiters greet guests with a smile, joking. On the other hand, they are professionals, who know their job. What is most important to me is that the guests feel at home. And since they come back so often, then I think we manage to deliver - says the owner.

The restaurant is located in a 350-year-old tenement house that underwent thorough renovation a few years ago. It consists of three rooms. In one of them, we will even find a piece of wall from a castle of Teutonic knights that remember the Medieval times. Breathtaking pictures of Gdańsk, also dating back a few years, hang on the wall for guests to admire. Each weekend, sounds of piano add even more magic to this place, while a musician keeps guests entertained with the best standards.

Kubicki Restaurant is a paradise for those who enjoy traditional, Polish cuisine with a modern twist. Classics enjoy unfading popularity here, and boiled eisbein, or Polish apple-stuffed duck, with cranberry sauce and red cabbage have become evergreens.

We will also find a wide range of fish treats, with the traditional cod always on the menu. During the season, it is served on black lentil, with lobster butter sauce with capers.

Guests also enjoy beet cream with raspberries, served hot with potato puree, smoked goose breast, olive and sun-dried tomatoes powder, and dried pork skin popcorn.

For dessert, you should try nut mousse with raspberry-pear sorbet, and coffee & rum ice-cream.

- I design every dish, although my base is the solid, traditional, Polish cuisine. I have many recipes from the past in my head that work well today. Our guests wish to enjoy Polish dishes, and we deliver. I do not feel the pressure of the present times, neither do I shun from novelty. I often use contemporary cooking techniques, but I always act instinctively, in accord with rules of traditional cuisine. For me, as a cook, the most important thing is best-quality ingredients, mainly from Polish manufacturers. I am proud to say that all the dishes are based on Polish products, as well as from the fact that we can prove to the foreign guests that good, Polish ingredients do exist - says Damian Mazurowski, the head chef of Kubicki Restaurant.

The menu changes twice a year. There are always the so-called inserts inside with seasonal dishes. In June, for instance, it is nettle soup.

Guests of Kubicki Restaurant also enjoy home-made bread with devil-in-the-bush, sunflower, or pumpking seeds, or home-made lard. Home-made liqueurs, prepare by the head chef’s team, are also very popular among guests.

Gdańsk is not only about architecture and monuments. It is also an exciting history of gastronomy. So, if you are in town, be sure to visit Wartka 5 street, to Kubicki Restaurant.

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ul. Wartka 5, Gdańsk

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