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Pieterwas Krew i Woda Restaurant. The taste of fashionable Gdynia

Pieterwas Krew i Woda Restaurant. The taste of fashionable Gdynia
Although founded quite recently, in June, 2015, Pieterwas Krew i Woda Restaurant (Blood&Water) Restaurant has conquered the hearts of Tricity’s (and not only) gourmets. The restaurant is famous for fish, seafood, and red meats that they serve. Exceptional combinations of flavours, and a trendy, underground interior makes Krew i Woda perfectly fit into the modernist landscape of Gdynia, a city that is open to the world and people.

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The menu of Pieterwas Krew i Woda is a plethora of Fish, seafood, and red meats. You will find both the Baltic herring or artic cod, as well as blue mussel, oysters, and lobsters that are caught on demand by the staff in the restaurant’s homarium. The meat of choice is Limousine beef from Pniewy in Wielkopolskie voivodeship.

Coming back to fish, however. Where else than in Gdynia should be immerse ourselves in the flavour of the Baltic herring? Pieterwas Krew i Woda serves it with low-salt pickle from the City Market Halls in Gdynia, and with horseradish and dill sauce. Baltic herring a’la Gdynia is an obligatory side dish.

However, it is not the only one that is worth giving a try. You can also spoil your palate with chicken livers in red wine and beef demi glace. It is a sweet and salty flavour, as it is served with almonds in salty caramel.

The menu is impressively broad. You will find inspirations from many different parts of the world: France, Spain, Italy, or Thailand. However, strong regional accents are also present. The much-loved confit beef cheek in goose fat is served with bacon, spinach and white dumplings (“kluski śląskie”). The dish is surprising with its creativity and a neat combination of flavours.

For dessert, try meringue with gogl-mogl and pickled rhubarb. All is complemented by wood sorrel and rhubarb powder. Meringue is served with vanilla-rhubarb homemade ice-cream

The menu, created by the restaurant’s owners, Marta and Mariusz Pieterwas, is available all year round. However, some ingredients change according to season of the year.

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- My inspirations are everywhere. I do not like copycats, so meals from neighbouring restaurants, and current trends among other chefs do not concern me. Such approach tends to be pernicious - explains Mariusz Pieterwas. - Every person has a story to tell. It is important, who have we met in our lives, have those people shown us how to be passionate about certain things, have they inspired us to act. In the kitchen, it is imagination that is the most important. Various culinary techniques and, of course, experience will come in handy, as well. I create my own style, born out of my years of travels - he adds.

And there was some travelling involved. Spain, Germany, Great Britain, as well as their hometown, Kraków, with such respected places as Szara, and Wierzynek Restaurants. As Mariusz Pieterwas says, you cannot forget about what you have in your little homeland. - Our guests wish to try and taste, but they also want something steady, repetitive, and certain. This is what they receive.

Piererwas Krew i Woda is also a paradise for good wine lovers. Each dish can go with a different kind of wine. The experienced waiters will gladly help with selecting a proper one. Marta & Mariusz Pieterwas travel around Europe, searching for the best flavours from wine yards, and bringing them to the restaurant

Before visiting this elegant place at Abrahama street, it is reasonable to book a table. Pieterwas Krew i Woda, as one of the popular places in Gdynia, is very often filled to the brim.

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Antoniego Abrahama 41, Gdynia

Phonel: +48 570 282 282


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