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Polskie Smaki Cafe Restaurant. Kashubian feast with a view on the Sopot pier

Polskie Smaki Cafe Restaurant. Kashubian feast with a view on the Sopot pier
Cafe Restaurant Polskie Smaki (Polish Flavors) is a new place on the culinary map of Tricity. It is the only place in Sopot that offers Polish-Kashubian cuisine, and since it is based in Sheraton Hotel, with the famous Krystian Szidel as head chef, we can be sure that upon visiting we shall become part of an unforgettable feast.

- The restaurant was established as an answer to the needs of our guests, who had often inquired about places offering traditional Polish cuisine - explains Iwona von Schada Borzyszkowska from Sheraton Hotel. - Polskie Smaki enchant with traditional dishes and regional flavors, as interpreted by our head chef, Krystian Szidel. We want to show that our Polish, and regional cuisine is unique and worth exploring, because of its solid base, high-quality regional products, and traditional recipes that are worth coming back to, and interpreting in more modern ways. Pomorskie and Kashubia, which is our location, give us a unique possibility to promote local cuisine that is always rich in flavors and interesting recipes - she adds.

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Head chef, Krystian Szidel, says that the appeal of served dishes is mainly about their simplicity. Regional Kashubian cuisine, as well as riches of the Baltic Sea are the main inspirations to meals that are served here. This is why the menu is rich in fish (herring, cod, or whitefish, among others). This is why the first suggestion for an appetizer is Baltic herring marinated in apple vinegar. It is unusually combined with goat cheese, potato chips, and pickled cucumber.

The main dish is also fish. This time, a turbot fillet with forest mushroom sauce, with Kashubian potato pancakes and sauerkraut.

Desserts are the domain of Andrzej Frelak, Hotel Sheraton’s pastry chef, whose choice for an after-dinner delight is the Polish evergreen, pie with forest fruit.

The menu offers plethora of different types of meat, as well: duck, game, Polish beef. Guests indulge themselves in pierogi with various stuffing: salmon, duck, Kashubian smoked cheese, young spinach, as well as seasonal products, such as berries.

Krystian Szidel has based his cooking on traditional, as well as local recipes. - Fish soup soured with pickled cucumber juice is a recipe straight from fishing boats: fishermen used cucumber juice to ensure soup was sour. And such “maritime” soup is available only in our restaurant. As well as is whitefish from Wdzydze Kiszewskie - says the Head Chef, Krystian Szidel. I find it important to use top-quality products, most of which come from local suppliers. Cheese, including goat cheese, is brought only from Kashubia. Beef that we serve comes from a farm in Pniewy. There are also items on our menu that we prepare ourselves: homemade bread, smoked meat, or ice-cream served with traditional, Polish sweet treats.

Alcohol menu is also rich in Polish products: Kashubian vodka, Vestal Pomorze, manufactured from Asterix potatoes by John Borell, Polish wines, ciders, beers, meads, and liqueurs are spirits that have always been based on traditional recipes, and that come from the most regarded Polish vineyards and breweries.

- We care about every detail in Polskie Smaki. Decor, porcelain that has been prepared especially for us, great location, and broad culinary offer at affordable prices create a place that guarantees an unforgettable visit, and true culinary journey to the land of Polish delights - says Iwona von Shada Borzyszkowska.

Location of Restaurant Cafe Polskie Smaki is not without importance: rotunda of the Spa House in Sopot has a breath-taking view on one of the most recognizable symbols of Tricity, the Sopot pier.

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The restaurant is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

It is located in the Rotunda of the Spa House, on the first floor - entrance from the Spa Square, and Plac Przyjaciół Sopotu (Sopot Friends’ Square) - 10 Powstańców Warszawy street.

Phone.: +48 58 767 19 60

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