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Projekt 36

Projekt 36

-The idea behind Projekt 36 restaurant was a dream of an interesting, cosy place in Sopot, with high-quality, European cuisine. Our philosophy is creative cooking based on interesting, regional ingredients, while using various techniques, knowledge and experience of chefs and cooks in a way to guarantee a memorable experience in our restaurant. We would like a visit to our restaurant to be an unforgettable culinary experience, an adventure. Not only satisfying hunger – says Katarzyna Dowgiałło-Edel, owner of Projekt 36 restaurant.

Obrońców Westerplatte street in Sopot. A place that was considered to be the town’s artistic centre. Buildings in this neighbourhood remember events from before a century. Although built in the year 2000, house number 36 also fits into the historic architecture and the history of Sopot. Originally, the site was to serve as pilgrim’s house, but the investment was never finished. Many years later, around the year 2010, the building became home to Villa Antonina guesthouse. This is also where Projekt 36 restaurant is located.

-In my work, I don’t copy other people’s ideas. I create my own recipes, each of which is based on fresh products of the highest quality, which I personally oversee. I like to play around with the way of serving food, using different processing techniques to get the best out of a product. My team comprises young, creative cooks and chefs, who perfectly understand our philosophy – says Marcin Leszczyński, executive chef at Projekt 36 restaurant.

Among his greatest achievements are: receiving three forks in 100 Poland Best Restaurants 2016 contest, and one hat in the Gault & Millau Polska 2018 guide.

Projekt 36 restaurant offers minimalist, though original dishes. The menu includes, among others, turbot with oyster mushrooms, beef tenderloin with potato dumplings, or eel soup. There is also plenty of other fish in the menu, such as the classic Baltic herring, sprat (which is re-gaining its lost popularity), or trout. All fish come from local fishermen from Gdynia.

W kuchni, oprócz przygotowywanych na bieżąco dań, powstaje pieczywo, smakowe masła i kiszonki.

Aside from preparing dishes, the kitchen prepares baked goods, flavoured butter, and pickles.

-We look for interesting flavours and their combination. In our menu, you won’t find a traditional pork chop. Our priority is the product, and it has to be top quality. We also try to stand out with the way we serve food. Each of our dishes is a project, meticulously planned on every step. We make sure that our food is both delicious, but also interesting, inspiring, and surprising. Our menu is always short. Altogether, it consists of 13 items: three starters, two soups, five main courses, and three desserts. Seasonality of products is one of the most important factors in composing dishes – says Katarzyna Dowgiałło-Edel.

A selection of liqueurs is a perfect complement to the culinary offer. The liqueurs include the classic Goldwasser vodka with gold flakes, home-made tinctures, regional beers from Browar Amber and Browar Spółdzielczy breweries.

Projekt 36 restaurant naturally blends with the boutique hotel, Villa Antonina. They are located in the same building, and together they make up a full offer.  Villa Antonina shares its banquet hall, in which weddings, business meetings, and various other events are organised.


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Obrońców Westerplatte 36A, Sopot

phone: +48 512 540 300


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