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Feast with a view on the Baltic Biała Restaurant in Bryza Hotel

Feast with a view on the Baltic Biała Restaurant in Bryza Hotel
Hel Peninsula is the favourite vacation spot of many Poles, and at the same time a location that has been more and more appreciated by foreign visitors. The picturesque Jurata, situated by the sea, is the location of Bryza Resort& Spa Hotel, and its restaurant. Biała restaurant is famous for its top-class fish and meat dishes. Not only are they delicious, but also very, very healthy, as the head chef is one of the pioneers of the slow food movement in Poland

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- Since I can remember, I have always been spoiled by Kashubian cooking, which is intense, and full of pronounced flavours, with plethora of fish, vegetables fruit, groats, and mushrooms - says Bartosz Budnik, head chef in Biała restaurant, a certified Master Chef. - My cooking is very different to that in an average restaurant. I do everything from scratch, be it marinating, or smoking. My broth is on the stove for two days, which makes it more aromatic, and thus more tasty. I seek inspiration in home recipes of elderly people - he says.

The restaurant’s kitchen is steaming with creativity. Homemade meats, sausages, and pates are prepared on the spot, and dishes are a combination of regional products, either ecological or naturally processed by the kitchen’s staff. Chef Budnik puts emphasis on the fact that there is absolutely no possibility of using ready-made products, intermediates, or food improvement agents. A butcher even works here, who is responsible for processing meat and fish.

- We marinate, stain and pickle meat and fish on our own. We also smoke meat and fish in the restaurant’s smokehouse. Fish and meat sauces, as well as consomme soups are cooked and reduced for two days - explains Bartosz Budnik.

Fish, the treasure of Hel Peninsula, come from local fishermen. - We try to provide our guests with everything that is best, most delicious, and healthiest in regional cooking. Aside from fish, we also serve products strongly associated with the region, such as Pomeranian goose, duck, pumpkin, or rutabaga. We also use exquisite natural diary products, goat milk products, honey, mushrooms, forest fruit, and „kaszëbskô malëna”, the Kashubian strawberry - says Aleksandra Górska from Bryza Hotel.

Guests will have their palates spoiled by young Pomeranian goose breast, with pumpkin and sweet potato puree, with currants and goose liver ice-cream, or chilled kale cucumber and hazelnut soup, with roast egg and avocado oil. Another interesting item on the menu is salad with salmon, smoked in alder smoke, with wild herbs, and caviar vinaigrette. For dessert, blackberry mousse with date syrup, pistachio dacquoise, and forest raspberries.
A bakery and confectionery is also located in Biała restaurant. Each day, several varieties of bread, and delicious buns, served for breakfast with strawberries and cottage cheese are baked here. Guests can also try low-salt pickles, pickled beets and cabbage, confit fruit, fruit drinks, flavoured olives, and fruit liquors.

Dinner with a view on the sea is the goal of many visitors staying in Bryza Hotel. However, take notice of the comfy, unobtrusive interior of the restaurant that has been decorated in French style by the owner. The interior is simple, with dominant bright colours, which gives a feeling of comfort and soothing. Combination of French elegance with some strong accents, such as chandeliers, candlesticks, or paintings of sailors, and a breathtaking view on the Baltic Sea creates a wonderful sensation inside.

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ul. Międzymorze 2
84-141 Jurata

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