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Guided by tradition. 1906 Gourmet Restaurant in Pałac Ciekocinko

Guided by tradition. 1906 Gourmet Restaurant in Pałac Ciekocinko

„We are the keepers of native goods, tireless propagators of cultivating regional recipes” , say the owners of Pałac Ciekocinko Hotel Resort & Wellness, which is the location of the original 1906 Gourmet Restaurant. Here, Comfort Food idea is the main theme. Consumption is meant to be a celebration that gives happiness. Traditional, Polish meals prepared in a fine, modern way, is the secret of 1906 Gourmet Restaurant.

1906 Gourmet Restaurant is a fabulous place that will take you to the world known only from novels and movies: oak parquetry, secessionist-styled wallpapers, chandeliers, draped curtains, antique furniture, and a piano that has many stories to tell standing in the middle of the room... The restaurant is an ideal supplement to Pałac Ciekocinko, which was built into the landscape of the Kashubian Seashore in 1910.

„What we offer is not ‘folklore-on-a-plate’ but, rather, a homecoming; a comeback to culinary roots, although re-imagined. It is an art of combining well-known, simple ingredients in a way that they make up a completely different palette of flavours, a completely new whole” says Tomasz Bałuk, owner of the entire complex. This „palette of flavours” is based mostly on richness of local products. These are the gifts of local forests and reservoirs, as well as what comes from the local, ecological palace garden. - We bake the bread, prepare jams and confits, as well as mushroom preserves. Elderberry flower juice that is prepared in our kitchen is also excellent - says Bogna Bojanowska from Pałac Ciekocinko.

The head chef also recommends Marela, which is smoked eel with kohlrabi and gooseberry.

Or The Pigeon („Gołąb”) - foie gras, spelt and redcurrant.

For dessert, the Raspberry Variation (Wariacja Malinowa) - yogurt with crumbled nuts and elderberry flower.

1906 Gourmet Restaurant is a culinary pride of the head chef, Paweł Dołżonek, who can create true pieces of art on a plate. This is appreciated not only by guests, but culinary experts as well. 1906 Gourmet Restaurant has been included in the prestigious Gault & Millau culinary guide, just half a year after the hotel’s launch. Paweł Dołżonek has also been awarded title of the 2015 Chef of Tomorrow of Northern Poland.

- Paweł has never been satisfied with half-measures, he always uses local products and nature’s gifts. In May, 2016, he opened the palace garden so that he could treat guests to even more exquisite flavours and aromas. Knowledge, experience, hard work, but also relying on his instincts, spontaneous decisions, and heart - all this can be found on plates that have come through his hands - says Bogna Bojanowska.

The owners say that they provide guests with vintage culinary experience. As they explain, it is all about re-discovering Polish cuisine, with a strong accent on the region’s most valuable products, which are hand’s reach.

On 22 hectares, Pałac Ciekocinko Hotel Resort & Wellness complex houses a five-star hotel, tea room, Luneta & Lorneta Bistro Club, and a terrace cutting into the neighbouring forest that serves as a summer restaurant during the season.

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Ciekocinko 9, Ciekocinko

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