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Karmnik Restaurant in Czarny Kos guesthouse. Healthy and delicious

Karmnik Restaurant in Czarny Kos guesthouse. Healthy and delicious
Traditional, familiar, with cuisine based on nature’s best, as well as extremely vegetarian-friendly. This is what Karmnik restaurant in Czarny Kos guesthouse in Kashubia is like. It is a place that is not only charming and comfortable, but also original in its approach to cooking. “We crave all that is healthy and delicious”, say the owners.

Czarny Kos guesthouse in Borkowo, near Żukowo, is a place that combines a family business, hotel in Kashubia, and comfortable holiday apartments. Time seems to pass a little bit slower here, and guests feel like they have been transported to another realm. They spend time relaxing close to nature, among singing birds, with a green view that soothes body and mind. The guesthouse’s restaurant, Karmnik, serves meals based only on the healthiest and best local products.

- Our cooking is filled with ideas of discovering flavours and secrets of traditional recipes. We love regional products, natural herbs and spices, and the mysteries behind herbal aromas. Karmnik is one of the Slow Food-recommended restaurants. We also participate in such programmes as: Roślinnie!jemy i Pomorskie Culinary Prestige. We are Vegan&Vegetarian-friendly; we do our best to prove to the guests that vegetables can be main part of a dish, not only a siding. - says Magdalena Surdek, owner of Czarny Kos.

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What is the best choice from the restaurant’s menu? Tomasz Ziółkowski, the head chef, recommends beetroot carpaccio with orange, and sweet chia caviar with mint tapioca.

Tempeh, marinated and grilled in pine syrup with ginger and lovage, young carrot, sugar snap peas, and young beet greens tastes delicious, as well.

If you are a fan of mushrooms, then you will definitely fall in love with oyster mushroom in millet with thyme, samphire, purple potato, and beet tapioca.

A small vegetable garden, and a herbarium are located next to the guesthouse, so vegetables and herbs, such as salads, beets, sage, mint, basil, or oregano come straight from there. The rest of vegetables and fruit are purchased from local farmers, usually those who have certified, ecological farms.

Fish come mainly from the waters of Kashubian lakes, as well as the Baltic Sea, and the Bay of Gdańsk. Depending on the season, they include: vendace, herring, turbot, perch and cod. Meats, which you will also find in Karmnik, are delivered several times a week by local producers.

How are dishes served in Karmnik unique?

- In my cooking, I combine old recipes from my grandmother’s notebook, with contemporary culinary techniques and products - says the head chef, Tomasz Ziółkowski.

In modern and spacious interior of Karmnik restaurant, guests can taste beer from the local brewery, Amber in Bielkówko, as well as vodka from the local distillery, Komers: Gold Wasser, Ambrozja liqueurs (honey, walnut, etc.).

In July and August, the restaurant is open every day from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. , in May and September - every day, except Mondays, and off-season - on weekends.


Fotos: Łukasz Stafiej (



Letniskowa 10, Borkowo

Phone. +48 58 681 81 06


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