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Restaurant at Hotel Aubrecht Country Resort & SPA. Enjoy the world of Polish and hunter cuisines

Restaurant at Hotel Aubrecht Country Resort & SPA. Enjoy the world of Polish and hunter cuisines

In a pristine location in Kashubia, just by Szczytno lake, among ancient pine and birch trees, Hotel Aubrech Country Resort & SPA is located. It is a place that is unique for several reasons. Its picturesque location, and beautiful architecture make it a perfect retreat from city commotion. What is more, the hotel restaurant serves food that is a mixture of Polish cuisine and hunting tradition. Elegant dishes, based on natural ingredients only, that are served in the restaurant guarantee a truly divine experience.

Staying in Hotel Aubrecht Country Resort & SPA is like travelling to the land of rich, primal flavours. High quality honey is made in the local apiary, the kitchen smokehouse houses meat and fish, and potatoes grow in the garden; nourished by Kashubian sun, and minerals from healthy soil, their taste is unsurpassed. Even meat is one of its kind - game comes from Tuchola Forest, certified beef guarantees highest quality, and pork meat comes from Polish breeds raised in Iberian manner.

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Milk? Straight from the cow. Juice? Preferably freshly squeezed from fruit and vegetables (beetroot juice is everyone’s favourite). Cream cheese pastas, game pates, sausages, herrings, and cucumbers for snacks. Everything freshly made, prepared according to well-known, delicious recipes.

The head chef, Sebastian Truszkowski, who has been awarded in many prestigious culinary competitions, treats guests to dried venison loin with quince chutney, and cranberry emulsion sauce, as well as wild boar cheeks with beetroot puree, with potato cake and mustard plant sauce.

If you fancy fish, then zander with quinoa, pickled kohlrabi, and sauerkraut sauce, as well as Baltic herring in root marinate, with mushroom salad and sour cream will definitely be to your liking.

For dessert, indulge in honey cake served with a classic, grey russet apple and vanilla ice-cream.

-I have been inspired by childhood cuisine; flavours that all of us would like to come back to, so strongly they are stuck in our heads. We put strong accent on ecology in our cooking. Products that we use are genuine, healthy, natural. We believe that we would like to be self-sufficient, and if we do not produce something by ourselves, we try to obtain in within a radius of maximum 100 kilometers - explains Sebastian Truszkowski.

Unique offer of the restaurant and the hotel comprises Pro Balance packages. An internal and external detox for all those, who want to take care of their health. On the one hand, exercise and meditation (a combination of physiotherapy, with music therapy and aromatherapy, among others), on the other - proper diet based on wellness cuisine. Meals are balanced, based on traditional Polish grains, groats (such as millet, which purifies and deacidifies human body), as well as so-called “superfoods”, amaranthus and chia seeds.

An interesting idea for those visiting Hotel Aubrecht Country Resort & SPA is the so-called wine weekend, where for two days guests are treated to highest quality wines. A professional sommelier is a guide into the world of wines; during those meetings, he tells about wines, and explains how to properly pair wines with food. Guests also participate in culinary workshops, during which the head chef prepares wine-based meals. It is a unique opportunity to taste Burgundian wild boar stew.

Beer aficionados will certainly appreciate Połczyn beers that are served in the restaurant of Hotel Aubrech Country Resort & SPA. There are several kinds of beer to choose from, all prepared according to traditional old Polish recipes from Połczyn-Zdrój brewery, which dates back to 1825.

Quince and cranberry liqueurs on the other hand, prepared by Skwierawski from Brusy, are for those who like to warm themselves up with tinctures. Those, who prefer more potent beverages should be satisfied by the classic, Kashubian potato Vestal vodka.

An entire palette of flavours and aromas in the picturesque Kashubia. Is there anything more to ask from life?


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