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Spring on a plate – spring vegetables in Pomorskie restaurants

Spring on a plate – spring vegetables in Pomorskie restaurants

Here comes Spring. And thus the season for young and aromatic vegetables. Our favorite restaurants in Pomorskie refresh their menus, and you can find fresh dill, radish, young spinach, beetroot and much more there. We’ve checked where you can have good food with a spring twist in the Pomorskie region.

Spring vegetables are young vegetables which appear first after the winter season. Their smell and taste is significantly different from the vegetables we have been eating over the past few months. No wonder spring vegetables whet the appetite, and chefs are eager to use them for enchantment from the kitchen.

Spring vegetables in restaurants - tasty, healthy and colorful

Let's start with young cabbage, whose aroma itself evokes spring. Ideally suited as a main course, but it doesn’t have to be play the lead violin to be noticed. In PG4 Brewery restaurant in Gdańsk, cabbage is served with young carrot, chive oil and young chard mayonnaise. The whole composition perfectly complements a steak of long-ripened beef.

And who does not remember eating kohlrabi in their childhood? This is a great healthy snack alternative to chips or salt sticks. Kohlrabi tastes just great when accompanied by cod. In Gvara restaurant, the cod fillet is served with black pudding, cardamom pear sauce and the queen of Spring - young kohlrabi, topped with breadcrumbs and butter – which will make you weep!

Well-prepared asparagus is delicate and firm, yet melts in the mouth. You can find it in the Brovarnia Gdańsk restaurant, where the chef serves asparagus with organic eggs from green-legged partridges. This is all usually served with hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon.

You will find a slightly different, pickled version of aromatic asparagus on the menu of Las i Woda (Forest and Water) restaurant in the Notera Hotel Spa in Bory Tucholskie. Prepared as a salad, with a young cheese from the Osada Burego Misia Estate, and including confit tomatoes in lovage oil, radishes and spring onions, all topped with a chive and cress mayonaise. Sounds delicious!

Photo: Notera Hotel Spa

And if you feel like trying a home-made Kashubian cheese with spring vegetables and watercress, you cannot miss Północ-Południe (North-South) restaurant. It is a feast for the palate!

Photo: Joanna Ogórek

How about baked new potatoes? Gdański Bowke will treat you to good food you cannot miss. You will find young leeks, carrots and crispy radish on your plate as a side dish to beef sirloin in a pepper sauce with Kashubian strawberry. Does this not sound like a tasty dish for Spring?

Among other spring delicacies which will certainly be hard to forget you can try young spinach in Piwna47 Food & Wine Bar. The chef will prepare a real feast of wild boar bacon in a demi-glace sauce, served on potato mash blended with young spinach, mustard, sweet carrot and butter-fried leeks. The secret of the dish is the meat, juicy and aromatic, which is first marinated in salt and then stewed in spicy vegetables.

Spring vegetables are healthy by themselves, but combined with the power of pickling we can get a real vitamin burst. Salmon marinated in a pickled cucumber juice is offered by the Café Polskie Smaki and restaurant in the Sheraton Hotel. This delicious fish dish can be eaten with Kashubian honey, young dill, shallots, white wine, thyme and spring vegetables, specifically radishes, carrots and spinach.

Photo:Karol Kacperski

And how about cucumbers in brine? The Restauracja Czerwona (Red Restaurant) at the Royal Baltic Hotel offers a roulade of Baltic herring and poultry liver flambéed in a cherry tincture, served with “kashotto” – a buckwheat-based dish with young beetroot and cottage cheese – all topped with a salted cucumber sauce.

Photo: Hotel Royal Baltic

It is common knowledge that the best vegetables come from your own garden. This is what the Biały Królik (White Rabbit) restaurant in Gdynia can be proud of. Before we taste spring vegetables on our plates here they are carefully watered and nurtured by the hosts. Their freshly picked vegetables are served as a spring snack, crunchy, straight from the garden, without any special processing. They taste best when accompanied by guacamole made from garden stonecrop, rapeseed oil and sour bergamot.

Photo: Biały Królik

From Gdynia, let's return to Gdańsk for a moment. One dish in Corrèze restaurant focuses on combining spring vegetables with roasted mussels.

Photo: Correze

This is served with a mix of lettuces, citrus fruits and vinaigrette sauce. In turn, Filharmonia restaurant welcomes you with a crispy salad of fennel, smoked goose, blackberries, garden lettuces and a rose vinaigrette sauce.


Author: Justyna Michalkiewicz - Waloszek

A professional journalist, PR and flim production expert. Her favourite kind of jobs are interviews, reportages, and video clips. During her spare time, she likes to take photos, write a blog, and devour motivational books. She enjoys discovering new flavours, but values healthy, vegetarian food most. In her life, she only tries to make decisions that are exciting. She enjoys simple things, as well as extraordinary ones. Dog and travel lover.


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Journalist of the culinary column at Tró, culinary photographer. In his free time, he travels a lot and bakes bread.

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