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Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk- where the city’s best culinary and brewing traditions come together

Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk- where the city’s best culinary and brewing traditions come together

The 500-year-old historical granary, which used to be known as “the Mountain”, is the location of Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk. The building and its history are unique, as it is the only building in that location to have survived bombardment during the last days of WWII. Today, Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk continue to follow the footsteps of the best culinary and brewing traditions of this Hanseatic city.

Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk was established in 2008.

- We rely mostly on bringing out the flavours of healthy, regional dishes prepared from fresh ingredients. All meals are prepared on the spot directly after having been ordered by our guests - we do not freeze ingredients, and we buy the most important products (meat, fish, etc.) every day, at the same time ensuring the best quality of served dishes. Our menu stands out, with its seasonality and wide selection of items, thus preventing our guests from ever being bored. We change our regular menu twice a year, and we offer additional special dishes, prepared using products available in the particular time of the year, such as asparagus, pumpkin, or spring vegetables. We also offer our guests special Easter and Christmas meals - says Mateusz Kinda - Manager Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk.

Each day, kitchen is supplied with fresh fish, including cod, turbot, salmon, flounder, and herring - all the tastiest and healthiest from the Baltic Sea. One of several flagship dishes that you will find are fresh cod in Prosecco sauce with sweet mustard, butter puree and julienne vegetables, or Gdańsk fisherman’s soup.

It is not all, however, as Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk also offers a wide range of meat dishes, such as traditional Gdańsk duck, or lamb leg in red wine with kalamata olives, baked vegetables with balsamico, and creamy mustard puree. Among the guests’ favourite is goose served by the head chef himself during meetings. It is a reference to an old Gdańsk tradition, according to which the host shared the goose meat among guests at the table. It is worth noting that goose meat tastes exquisitely, as the birds are fed with rosemary.

- My cooking is based on local, ecological products. It is traditional, yet modern. In Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk we continuously update our menu, and prepare many thematic, and seasonal offers. In other words, we try to create our own idea for food, and to follow in the footsteps of other restaurants. The menu is original, but it also comprises traditional dishes, such as roasted duck, or traditional Polish sour soup. I work with people who are passionate about cooking, and who treat it as not just a profession. That is why all meals that we prepare are small pieces of art. It was not without reason that also in 2015 Brovarnia received the title of the Best Restaurant in Gdańsk, and I won the title of the Best Head Chef - says Piotr Żelich, the Head Chef of the restaurant.

What is important, guests can also enjoy products manufactured directly in the kitchen of Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk, including pates, stuffed meat, or confits. However, their main specialty is beer.

Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk continues local brewing traditions that date back to the 16th century. Beer, brewed only from natural ingredients, is prepared according to an over 500-year-old Reinheitsgebot, German Beer Purity Law.

- We brew three kinds of tasty Gdańsk beer - Lager, dedicated to Johannes Hevelius, Old Gdańsk Beer, and Wheat Beer. We use only water, high-quality barley and wheat malts, hops, and yeast. Our beer is natural, without any preservatives, which provides for their unique flavours and unique colours. Several times a year, we invite guests to taste special beers brewed in limited quantities. In the brewing process, we adhere to the world’s oldest - and still applicable - law concerning food - the so-called “Bayerisches Reineheitsgebot” - the Bavarian (German) Beer Purity Law, declared on the 23rd of April, 1516 by prince Wilhelm IV in the city of Ingolstadt (Bavaria) - explains Mateusz Kinda.

On guests’ request, beer seminars are also organised, along with grand keg tapping, brewery tour, and the possibility to admire the collection of beer glasses, some of which are more than 250 years old.

The interior of Brovarnia Hotel Gdańsk is an attraction on its own. Since the restaurant is located in a historical building, the decor refers to the 18th century, and history of Gdańsk. The Restaurant, as well as part of Hotel Gdańsk houses renovated, original wooden beams from the 18th century. Therefore, a visit to Hotel Gdańsk Restaurant and Brovarnia Gdańsk is not only a feast for the palate, but a unique encounter with the history of a harbour city.


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