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Nordowi Mól Restaurant

Nordowi Mól Restaurant
Celbowo, a small settlement near Puck, half way between Reda and Władysławowo. This seemingly inconspicuous place is the location of Nordowi Mól Restaurant. The Northern Place (in Kashubian) serves classic Polish cuisine with elements of Kashubian cooking. Because, as it turns out, Kashubia and its culinary tradition are not far from what is served in the East or South of this cultural region. It has been noted by experts: in 2015 Poland 100 Best Restaurants, Nordowi Mól was awarded title of „The Best Roadside Inn” in Poland.

- Our philosophy is, most of all, promoting traditional Polish cuisine with elements of Kashubian cooking - explains Agnieszka Kamecka from Nordowi Mól restaurant. - Our menu includes a wide range of meals to choose from - 76, to be exact - that are composed by our head chef according to traditional recipes, often acquired from local housewives. This is why natural ingredients and flavours of the Kashubian region are the base of the meals served by us.

Everyday supply of meat and fish from local suppliers (including Koryb wholesale store from Puck, or trout farm from Reda) guarantee freshness of products served in Nordowi Mól. Since the cooks manufacture many of the ingredients on their own, and guests very often ask about these, a selection of sausages, smoked fish, pates and lard spreads are available in the restaurant’s shop.

And what kind of delights await us in the restaurant itself?

For starter, the head chef, Krzysztof Rozum, serves stake tartare from goose loin, with onion, pickled cucumber, champignons, and bun.

For main course, beef zrazy (meat roulade) in natural juice, with groats, and beets.

For dessert, hot apple pie with vanilla ice-cream.

You should also try traditional Kashubian soups, such as Eintopf, Czernina (duck blood and poultry broth soup), or rutabaga soup. The restaurant also offers the famous Kashubian goose, served in various ways.

- I try to fit to our guests’ preferences as well as I can. Each dish requires individual approach, and has to be refined, despite their simplicity, and traditional character. I rely on proven, Polish recipes, without any modifications. Fast, hot, and traditional - Krzysztof Rozum sums up.

The classic flavor Nordowi Mól is famous for, is complemented by its characteristic decor. The building itself attracts attention, a Kashubian half-timbered mansion with red roof tiling.

- The immediate surroundings of the restaurant are full of places to explore, such as an exposition of old farming machines, or a picturesque garden with a waterwheel in a stocked pond. The restaurant entrance catches the eye with Kashubian decorations (embroidery, paintings, window ornaments), and the entire interior is decorated to resemble Interwar period. In one of the rooms, aside from Kashubian decorative elements, you will find a 400-year history of Puck. The room is dedicated to King’s Privateers, who were stationed in the city 400 years ago. Their flagship, St. George, was built in Puck. Models of other sail ships, as well as festive images from Privateers’ lives, complement the maritime character of this room’s decoration - says Agnieszka Kamecka.

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Nordowi Mól isn’t hard to find: it’s located in near vicinity of 216 regional road, which connects the so-called Little Tricity with Puck and Hel Peninsula.


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Celbowo 27 A,  Puck

Phone.: +48 058 673-20-02


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