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The king of goose meat at Bytow castle

The king of goose meat at Bytow castle

The head chef, Tomasz Szydziowski, took over the re-conceptualised kitchen at the restaurant in Bytów castle. This will be a paradise for fans of goose meat - he claims.

The monumental, Gothic castle in Bytów and its stunning architecture is one of the most important places of historical value in this part of the region. Recently, the place began to attract not only amateurs of historical experience, but also fans of regional cuisine. Renovation of the local restaurant ended in spring. The restaurant gained an entirely new look, and a new head chef.

Tomasz Szydzikowski was chosen for this role. Before, he managed restaurants in other Kashubian towns: Borcz and Przywidz. Guests who visited these restaurants soon came to realisation that there are few people who can prepare goose meat the way Tomasz Szydzikowski does. He is going to continue his little tradition in Bytów. The restaurant in the castle is going to specialise in goose meat.

-I have been specialising in goose meat for more than seven years now - says the head chef. -I have discovered it while looking for a product that could be a culinary showcase of the region, and I had decided that it would also become my specialisation. It turned out that people come from all over the region to enjoy the delicacy. Before that, there were few places that served good-quality goose meat. This has begun to change, but there still is not restaurant in the area that would specialise in goose meat. I would like the restaurant at Bytów castle to become such a place.

Szydzikowski would like to promote goose meat in different forms, some less popular than the well-known roasted goose. The restaurant offers, among others, goose meat steak taratre. For all connoisseurs of goose meat this is a must. The meat is aromatic, only slightly fat, tastes deliciously with local marinades and herbs.

The head chef also offers delicious krupnik, a soup prepared from a long-boiling goose broth, with buckwheat groats, served with mushrooms and pieces of goose meat. Or goose liver in honey and red wine, with caramelised slices of apple, cranberry, and red onion jam.

-We take traditional dishes and recipes, and serve them in a modern way. We also take local, seasonal ingredients, because we want to boast the culinary richness of Kashubia - says Szydzikowski. -The menu also includes several popular dishes of international and Polish cuisines, but it is goose meat that is going to be our signature product. Soon, a menu insert entitled “The King of Goose meat recommends” will be available with seasonal goose meat dishes.

The renovation changed not only the menu, but also the interior of the restaurant. The rough atmosphere of a basement was replaced with a light, modern interior. Exposed brick walls and a metal rosette with a Kashubian pattern on one of the walls immediately catch the eye. For those who look for comfy, cosy space, unique spaces have been made available on two stories of the renovated tower.


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