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Culinary tourism has recently been gaining prominence as a tourist magnet. The potential of Gdańsk and the whole Pomorskie region in this field is undisputed, which gave impulse to launching a new marketing project. Gdańsk-Pomorskie Culinary Prestige is a platform created to integrate and promote quality cuisine of the region. The idea came from Pomorskie Tourist Board (PROT) but the project has been carried out in partnership with the City of Gdańsk together with local catering industry, and is being co-ordinated by landbrand, a company specialized in developing culinary tourism offers.

The choice of partners is based on strict criteria of the international Slow Food association regulations, as well as the ideas behind the Pomorskie Culinary Heritage. The selection criteria covers: the use of local ingredients, seasonality of menu and quality of service. Even the decor and the way the meals are served is not unimportant. Equally important are chefs, whose personal engagement and approach to tradition and local produce should guarantee that the guests experience the food the way the never had before. The project is supported by Slow Food and Fumenti Culinary Academy.

The most “flavorful place” on the culinary map of Pomorze is, without doubt, Gdańsk - says Anna Zbierska, head of the Mayor’s Office for the Promotion of Gdańsk. The city is home to Poland’s trendsetting restaurants that are known for many prestigious awards they receive. Through this project we would like to want to point out those trends to tourists, as well as our citizens and, at the same time, “expose” Gdańsk’s culinary character. Gdańsk has been witnessing a revival of craft brewing, a tradition dating back to the Medieval times. Beer had once been one of the main merchandise available in the port of Gdańsk. Its cuisine was famous for most exquisite spices and products, such as seafood, which could be found at the tables of merchants and burghers. It is also here that many recepies for many destilled beverages had been devised, most famous of which is probably Goldwasser. Pomorskie Culinary Prestige is aimed at becoming the common element in a broader strategy of unifying the region’s quality culinary offer. Starting with restaurants, through local food fairs, culinary brand events calendar, local manufacturers and culinary workshops to finish with. It will also enable other cities to engage in their own initiatives under one, regional, brand. The purpose of this is to create a consistent image of the culinary brand of Pomorze.

The goal is to further promote premium-type leisure services that have been grouped under the  Pomorskie Prestige brand. With the starting point being the culinary market, the end offer is going to be extended to: golf&yachting, amber&design, spa&medical, shopping&lifestyle and others.

Read the statute of Gdańsk Pomorskie Culinary Prestige here (available in Polish).

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