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Farma Noe. A back country everyone wants to come to

Farma Noe. A back country everyone wants to come to

-We are located in the Kaszuby region, although in quite a specific place. Native residents of Kaszuby call this place “gochy”, which in their language means back country. And there is much truth in this statement. Although there are several access roads, the only way to reach our location is through a pine forest. It is six kilometres from an asphalt road - smiles Grażyna Mirka, owner of Farma Noe.

-We have long dreamt about leaving our home in Silesia and settling down in a clean region, where nature is the most important thing - she says.

This is how Farma Noe, located near Słupsk, came to be.

It is an agro tourism facility that will allow us to rest in comfortably furnished houses, and spend time in harmony with nature, as well as learn horse riding. The farm has a stable, together with the only polo pitch in Poland. The owner ensures: -Polo players are invited for “stick and ball” , and beginners - for horse riding or polo lessons.

Lake Luboszko is located nearby. It is quite deep, which allows for bathing, water sports, and fishing. The neighbouring pine forest is full of delicious forest fruit: blueberries, berries, and raspberries. In autumn, the woods are bursting with mushrooms. Sandy paths in the neighbourhood are ideal for strollers, joggers, and those who would like to enjoy a horse ride.

There are two facilities at disposal of guests. First, a 200 square metre guesthouse. It can accommodate up to 14 people. Inside, you will find everything - from a completely furnished kitchen to a small kids’ corner. There is also a pool table and living room with a television set. On colder days, guests can enjoy a wood-fuelled fireplace, and in summer - a direct exit to the garden.

The second is a 70 square metre, two-story guesthouse. It can accommodate up to 6 people.

On the ground floor, there is a living room with a fireplace and a folding sofa, a furnished kitchen with a large dining table, and a bathroom with a shower cabin.

Where did the name, Farma Noe (Noah’s Farm), come from? -To be honest, we treat our little farm as our own Noah’s Ark. We are an island, where people and animals feel good. An island on the sea of commerce and a haven from the crazy rat race of today’s world. Of course, we offer internet access, but if anyone fancies digital detox - they will receive it in full - says Grażyna Mirka.


In the next season, Farma Noe will become bigger. A dining room with pantry and a tile stove will be added, where fresh, home-made bread and other delicacies will be prepared. Scrambled eggs made with eggs from happy hens that live on the farm will taste exquisite here.

Farma Noe functions all year round. In winter, sleigh parties are organised, and in spring and summer you can explore the area in a horse-drawn carriage.



Luboń 12, 77-130 Luboń

phone. + 48 693 835 928


Photos: Łukasz Stafiej (

Journalist of the culinary column at Tró, culinary photographer. In his free time, he travels a lot and bakes bread.


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