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Zielony Kot. Agritourism farm with no place for boredom

Zielony Kot. Agritourism farm with no place for boredom

There are engaging arts workshops for children, and acting classes for adults who can let go of their emotions. These, and many other activities comprise the offer of Zielony Kot (Green Kat) agritourism farm in Lipusz. It is a place that will help everyone find their artistic soul, and relax in the open.

-Come and visit us – say Joanna Sawicka and Daniel Ebertowski. – Our home is open to everyone. In front of the house, there is a lovely meadow, at the end of which you will find the river Wda. We are doing everything to make anyone who visits us feel like in a countryside homestead – they add.

 The renovated country house offer double, triple, and quadruple rooms. Together, Zielony Kot can house about 20 people. Guests also have a kitchen at their disposal, however we encourage trying some of the local specialties, such as freshly baked bread, eggs, or milk straight from a cow.

The building has a designated workshop area, in which organised groups can conduct their workshops. There is also a back yard and a place to light a bonfire.

You will not have a chance to get bored during your stay at Zielony Kot. Theatre workshops, field games, and much more… The Creative Academy offers activities for both young people and adults. The owners have come up with many creative activities. There are sewing classes for kids, during which they learn to make puppets and teddy bears, and present the effects of their work during theatre plays, in which of course they are the actors. Theatre workshop is also available for adults. Zielony Kot lets anyone bring out their artistic soul. If theatre is not the domain you feel particularly comfortable in, you can immerse yourself in the world of ceramics, or participate in ecological workshops.

Fun fact: there is a colony of 65 bats nearby. After research, it turned out that the species is rearmouse, which is more likely to be found near the Baltic Sea, rather than in the south of the voivodeship. However, Lipusz turned out to be hospitable enough to become shelter for a colony that consist of mainly female bats. So if you feel like it, there is nothing standing in your way to observe these nocturnal creatures in action… For details, ask one of the employees of Wdzydze Landscape Park, who from time to time turn up at the farm.

The offer is dedicated for organised groups and families with children. In case of the workshop offer, booking is required.


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Gospodarstwo Zielony Kot

ul. Derdowskiego 4, 83-424 Lipusz

tel. 506 505 503 , 605 04 55 44


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