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Ecological, healthy, and delicious. Healthy food market

Ecological, healthy, and delicious. Healthy food market

No improvers, with top-quality ingredients, ecological, produced with heart in small quantities. Such are the products that we will find on eco fairs and healthy food markets.

We would like to eat healthy, delicious, and nutritious food. We are becoming more and more conscious of the fact that high-quality products are better for our health. Even if the price we pay is higher. Where is the best place to buy eco food? Of course, straight from the producers and local suppliers. More and more often, they can be found in one place, at the increasingly popular healthy food markets and fairs.

The biggest and most popular is Gdański Bazar Natury (Gdańsk Nature Bazaar). It takes place in Gdańsk, at Garnizon estate in the city’s district of Wrzeszcz. On each Thursday and Saturday, most devoted local suppliers can be found here. Vegetables straight from farms, fresh local cheese, or freshly squeezed juices. Here, every single apple is tended to by orchard owners, each Kashubian strawberry is a prime specimen, and every raspberry tastes like from your grandmother’s garden.

Another renowned ecological market in the area is Kolibki Jadłostajnia. Open every Saturday, it attracts many visitors with wide range of ecological products from regional suppliers and farms, home-made preserves, as well as different kinds of cheese. The location is also an advantage: the picturesque Kolibki Park allows not only for healthy shopping, but also leisure.

A popular, Gdynia-based event is Bazar Bo Ze Wsi. Each Thursday and Saturday, the space of Kościuszki Square opens up to offer not only goat cheese or home-made bread, but also ecological cosmetics, preserves, or oils. Bazar Bo Ze Wsi is already a respectable brand, and synonym for top-quality local products.

Healthy food markets provide an opportunity to explore the region’s culture. Products and specialties from Kaszuby and Kociewie regions, fresh fish straight from the Baltic Sea or Vistula Lagoon (Zalew Wiślany), and meat from Tuchola Forest are all within the arm’s reach.

One of the most popular fairs in the region is Jarmark Wdzydzki (Wdzydze Fair). It is the largest summer folk event in Kaszuby. It takes place every year since 1973 in the open-air museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. Jarmark Kaszubski in Kartuzy, on the other hand, is a very popular fair of Kashubian culture. Both annual events, aside from their artistic programmes, allow to enjoy regional dishes and traditional products.

It is worth noting that not all products sold during healthy food markets and fairs can be considered ecological. Not every vendor goes through the formal path and can produce appropriate certificates. However, all products sold during such events are prepared by local manufacturers, come from local farms, and are made with top-quality ingredients, without artificial additives.

An unquestionable asset of such events is also the approach of dealers to their own products, as well as clients. They tell stories about their products, they are passionate and engaged. Clients, more often than not, fascinated by these stories, spend more time at their stands. This is why visiting an eco-market is not only an excuse to do shopping, but also an idea for spending free time.

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