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The Tri-City Sailing Cup - A forest of masts in Gdańsk Bay

The Tri-City Sailing Cup - A forest of masts in Gdańsk Bay

The Tri-City Sailing Cup (May 29-31) opened the sailing season in the Bay of Gdańsk. Almost four hundred participants attended the competition and had a great fun on the water as well as on land.

We all know the Tri-City from land. However, to admire Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot from the sea still seems to be largely underestimated. The Tri-City Sailing Cup is one of the opportunities to be impressed by the charming Tri-City just from the perspective of Gdańsk Bay. The popular Gdynia marina, modern and adjacent to the Sopot Pier marina of the resort and Gdańsk marina, which is located in the very heart of the picturesque downtown – these are stops visited by the participants of this year's Tri-City Sailing Cup.

It was a record-breaking edition of the event. This year's Tri-City Sailing Cup was attended by eleven vessels of different types. Almost four hundred participants raced in the Bay of Gdańsk in several classes: ORC, KWR, OPEN and ENERGA DIAMANT 3000.

The regatta started in Gdynia marina. The Pomeranian sailing season, which, incidentally, inaugurates the Tri-City Sailing Cup, was officially opened to the accompaniment of the orchestra. As part of the ceremony, there was unveiled a plaque dedicated to the memory of sailor Wojciech Orszulok and an exhibition of Polish sailing trophies was held as well.

The race on the way from Gdynia to Sopot started on May 30, before noon, and then, on Sunday, competitors sailed from the resort to Gdańsk. In the evening in Ołowianka there was the official ending of the regatta, during which the winners were decorated. The special prize, i.e. the Tri-City Sailing Cup, went to yacht Blagodarnost'2 from Kaliningrad. In the OPEN class up to 7 meters the first was yacht Master3, OPEN from 7 to 9 meters – Huzar28, OPEN over 9 meters – Blagodarnost2, multihulls over 6 meters – Catchup, ENERGA Diamant – yacht ENERGA Operator, and ORC – One&Only, KWR – Good Speed.

Such a sequence of the Tri-City cities on the sailors’ route is not a coincidence (it changes every year). This is crucial because the organizers of the Pomeranian Sailing Association care about this event to be not only a sports competition, but above all, to integrate the Pomeranian sailors’ community. Therefore, throughout the tournament on the water (and on land too, when the crews moor in marinas after the sea struggle) there is a great atmosphere.

The Tri-City Sailing Cup opened the Southern Baltic Cup. The next regatta in the Bay of Gdańsk is the Gdańsk Marina Trophy in June.


Date: 29-31 of May

Place: Marina Gdynia, Marina Sopot, Marina Gdańsk

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